Light and Shadows in the Gospel of John
With Fr. Tom Herbst, ofm

July 26 - August 30, 2018

Our Summer Scholar is Back!

Thursday, July 26 through Thursday, August 30

9:30-11:30 am and repeated 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Light and Shadows in the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John was Francis’ favorite Gospel. With all the chaos in our world today and real fear about what is happening around us and what might be in store for the future, the Fourth gospel can serve as a lens exposing both light and shadow, support and opposition, truth and falsehood –in surprising ways. The outcome of the drama of then and now reveal an ongoing journey of discernment and, ultimately, understanding on many levels affecting our social, political, psychological and spiritual lives.

Cost: $60 for all sessions, $20 for single session