Connect Naturally

November 3, 2018

Workshop: Essential Oils of the Bible
Speaker: Lisa Lehr
Break from your usual routine and spend a day enjoying the world of fragrance, wellness and beauty. Essential oils are derivatives of plants, herbs and flowers. From ancient times they have been used for aroma therapy, physical aches and pains, and topical treatments for beauty and healing. This is a chance to soothe your body and comfort your spirit, as you learn about these natural balms and their remarkable powers.

LLehr (2)

Lisa Lehr has been a Spiritual Director in the San Diego area since 2005, and a Wellness Advocate for Essential Oils for 3 years. These two passions have led her to presenting theme-based retreats like today’s focus on healing oils used in the Bible. Her personal story includes her use of these natural oils for managing fatigue, anxiety, and other symptoms that keep us from functioning at our full potential.