Private Retreats

The Retreat Center is available to individuals who would like a respite for solitude and personal spiritual reflection without participation in a formal program.

Our 56 acres of property include beautifully-manicured gardens and walkways. The Stations of the Cross and Labyrinth, in back of the property, provide perfect settings for meditative walks and prayer. The swimming pool is available during the day as is the basketball/volleyball court. Each bedroom has twin beds, a sink, and a desk. European-style restrooms in the hallways have private showers and toilets. Reservations can be made with meals or without. For more information about rooms and guest amenities, click here

Private retreats are self-guided and guests use the time as they desire, often bringing items for personal prayer, reflection, reading, journaling, etc. For prayer and meditation, retreat guests have access to the private St. Clare Chapel. The Historic Mission Church is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm, with mass celebrated at noon, Monday – Friday. A morning daily mass is also available at 8am Monday – Saturday at Mission San Luis Rey Parish, east of the main Mission Church.

For those who would like to talk with someone about their journey with God, Spiritual Direction is available by appointment. Suggested Donation is $35-$55 per session. For more information or to schedule an appointment call (760) 757-3659 or send an email.

Private Retreats for individuals are generally offered throughout the year based on availability. Reservations are required. We kindly ask that reservations be made over the phone with payment at least 2 days prior to anticipated arrival. To make a reservation please call (760) 757-3659.  

To inquire about availability, cost, or to contact us regarding private retreats click here.

If you are interested in bringing a group to the Retreat Center, see Hosted Group Retreats.