How to Include Old Mission San Luis Rey in Your Will

Many of our supporters make charitable gifts by naming Old Mission San Luis Rey as a beneficiary in their will. The federal government encourages these gifts and bequests, by allowing an unlimited tax-deductible charitable donation.

To make a bequest to Mission San Luis Rey, the following language will be helpful to your attorney:

“I give, devise and bequest to Old Mission San Luis Rey, located at 4050 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92057 (tax ID 95-2252971), the sum of ____________ (or otherwise describe the gift or specify a percentage of the estate) as a Mission Legacy Gift.”

Here are five possible ways you can make a Bequest:

  1. Fixed-Dollar Bequest
    You designate a specific amount to Old Mission San Luis Rey. This option is often best in cases of smaller bequests.
  2. Leaving a Percentage
    Some people choose to leave Old Mission San Luis Rey a set percentage of the estate.
  3. Residual Bequest
    Your estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses, and specific bequests. The remaining amount – the residual – will be transferred to Old Mission San Luis Rey.
  4. Bequest of Property
    A donor may choose to leave Old Mission San Luis Rey a particular piece of real property or tangible personal property, such as jewelry, automobiles, art or other assets. Great care should be taken to accurately describe the intended property and the other interest bequeathed, if it is not the entire ownership interest.
  5. Designation as Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance or Retirement
    Some people choose to create their Old Mission Legacy gift by designating Old Mission San Luis Rey as beneficiary of their life insurance or retirement accounts.

We are extremely grateful to our donors who have chosen to support Old Mission San Luis Rey with a lasting legacy through their estates. Through your commitment of support, you reach beyond time and help carry on the spiritual, cultural, historical, and educational presence of Old Mission San Luis Rey for generations and generations to come.

Please note: Old Mission San Luis Rey is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. For advice or assistance in specific cases, the services of an attorney or other professional advisor should be obtained. Advice from legal counsel should be sought when considering planned gifts such as bequests. Old Mission San Luis Rey is a 501 (c) 3 organization. For your records and federal income tax purposes, the tax ID number for Old Mission San Luis Rey is 95-2252971.